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RT - RTS Four  Piece Set




Reducers of R-Series are designed for use on the marble and granite cutting machines in general.

One set is manufactured as consisted of four reducers with one gearbox, one double output and two single outputs; and another set is consisted of two reducers as one gearbox and one output and they are manufactured in four different sizes.

They are offered as right and left type. It is used for upward-downward motion of the respective parts of the machines and for block marble cutting. Due to its compact sizes and footprint, it is highly advantageous.

As R-series reducers are used on the top, the load is on the reducers and thus machine raises and lowers the load wagon. While providing high output and lower noise level, it has extended
service life due to its field of application.

Type designations of the reducers are given in the technical tables.



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