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Established by Mr Halit Tufan and Mr Muzaffer Azman to deal with manufacture of gears and spare parts at the beginning, our company has secured a good position in the manufacture of direction changing reducer for marble processing and other industrial sector. Basing on its experience for long years, our company has standardized its production as sizing and direction changing reducers. The company performs all its operations in accordance with the standards (ISO, DIN)

Today thousands of MERVE reducers are used in a great number of industrial sectors from the giant factories to the smallest workshops. Merve Reducers are manufactured in three series,
namely, M, E and R. And we also manufacture special type reducers and other various types of

M-Series Reducers: It is used in the communications systems in the applications which
require diversion by 90o with a variable conversion range. They are used in the industrial sectors of maritime, packaging, printing, food, wood, textile, agriculture and other related ones.

E- Series Reducers: they are manufactured as cutting sizing reducers of marble, granite, mosaic
and other natural stone products.

R- Series Reducers: in general they are manufactured of diversion and transmission on the
marble processing machines; they are also required in other related fields.

Mass-produced, the reducers have ample spare parts and the reducer with no stock availability are manufactured in short time and delivered to the customer. Our first principle is to improve quality of our products under the most favorable conditions to demands from the customers, responding to their expectations by manufacturing products on nofault, no-delay and cost-effective basis and thus ensuring them to develop and grow together with the supply. While our company meets national market requirements, its foreign sales also show an ever-increasing trend.

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