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EMC-400 is a unique product specially designed
for marble and mosaic cutting.

Because of different characteristics and design, EMC-400 it has different and new design compared to other usule marble cutting reducers.

 The most superior characteristic of the product when compared to other cutting reducers is that it can perform multiple marble-mosaic cutting by using more than one saw of desired sizes simultaneously. Furthermore, saw up to 400 mm dia. can be attached to the product and marble cutting depth is easier to set according to the desired sizes thanks to the upward-downward motion.

Replaceable connection magazine is an extra feature, allowing making new setting by means of other magazine without change of the existing saw distance (sizing) adjustments. It has high thread quality as a product of the latest developments in the bevel driver gear, and gears with ground thread profiles, allowing silent and vibration-free operation. Thanks to these characteristics, EMC-400 is easy to use with high output.EMC�400,.  can effectuate a natual stone cut up to 1O0 mm.

 A new member of MERVE family, EMC-400 is released after all tests and trials are made.




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