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Spiral Bevel Reducers - M-90-100-120-140-160-180-210-250





The basic spiral bevel reducer housing is of cuboid form for dimensional symmetry. All input and output sides have a register for central location. The spiral bevel reducer housing and bearing flanges are made from high quality grey cast iron and are machined on all sides with tapped mounting holes. The use of robust rolling bearings ensures a high operating life. The modular design system allows designs with mufti shaft and takeoff drives with up to 6 shafts. The spiral bevel reducers are manufactured in 8 different sizes.

Where to use it
Developed and manufactured for economic use in demanding industrial applications.

- easy to fit and adaptable
- easy to design and retrofit
- universally usable
- saves cost

Make sure that you use the decadeslong experience of the spiral bevel reducer specialists with a high standard of quality and the well-recognised know-how.

- easy to maintain
- compact modular design
- high power to weight ratio
- high efficiency
- quiet running


- General machinery
- Special purpose machines
- Lifting gear
- Crane installations
- Rolling mills
- Cable installations
- Conveyor drives
- Stranding machinery and many others Gearing

The spiral bevel reducer incorporate the gleason palloidspiral gearing. With the spiral tooth form and large contact engagement, high torques can be transmitted. The spiral bevel gear sets are made from high quality alloy steel and they spiral bevel gears are hardened and lapped in pairs. With these features an optimum tooth marking pattern is achieved, together with very quiet running and good efficiency.





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