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MTR � 1080  Agriculture Machine Gearbox




MTR � 1080  Agriculture Machine Gearbox

 MTR � 1080 gearbox is a fundamental component of the pover transmission system of many types of agricultural machinery. Its most common aplications is to receive  rotary motion from  the power  take off of a tractor by means of a universal joint driveshaft. This rotary motion is then distributed to the various functions required by the machine.

     The gearbox may also be used to support as well as power, the actual tools of the implement. A gearbox is capable of reversing the derection of the rotari motion, transmitting it at an angle, or modifying its speed and torque characteristics. Manufactured in gray cast irons, it provides high resistance and lower noise level.
It is also in 2 / 1 conversion ratio.

     Merve makina can present special solutions to it scustomers concerning the production of the farm machinery reductors and diverter gearbox  to its customers



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